Announcing the ‘Journal of Renga & Renku’

Journal of Renga & Renku

Following on the success of The Renku Group and the resultant growth of interest in this centuries-old poetic genre, we are pleased to announce our intention to publish a Journal of Renga & Renku.

This exciting new journal will be devoted to all aspects of renga and renku. It will be published and edited by Norman Darlington and Moira Richards, and will launch at the end of  2010. It will include scholarly articles, poems, discussions, contests, critiques and more.

Journal of Renga & Renku will include a variety of content that will interest Asian Studies scholars as well as teachers and students of English literature/poetry; we believe it will also be of interest to poets experimenting with the writing of renku in a number of languages around the world today, and to practitioners exploring aspects of renku and its za as an educational/social/therapeutic tool.

Send an email to sign up for notices of our progress reports, calls for content, and other news about Journal of Renga & Renku.