About Us

Norman Darlington and Moira Richards are both active in the study and practice of renga and renku and have collaborated on various renku related projects since 2005. They have led or contributed to renku published in more than two dozen online and print journals around the world and both served stints as renku editor for the archived online journal, SimplyHaiku.com while it was managed by Carol Raisfeld and Johnye Strickland. Norman also edited the renku section of the US print journal, moonset, before it went out of print, and currently co-edits the Dutch bilingual haikai quarterly, Whirligig.

March 2010 saw the publication of the first title from Darlington Richards Press, Hortensia Anderson’s The Plenitude of Emptiness and, later that year, the inaugural issue of their Journal of Renga & Renku.