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  • JRR3 update

    JRR3 update

    Volume 3 of Journal of Renga & Renku is currently at an advanced stage of preparation. During the course of NH summer/SH winter we experienced unforeseen but unavoidable delays, and we offer our apologies for keeping our authors and readers waiting. We will let you know as soon as Volume 3 becomes available. We can […]

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  • the Little Book of Yotsumonos

    the Little Book of Yotsumonos

    Darlington Richards are pleased to announce the launch of the Little Book of Yotsumonos. John Carley’s recently-designed four-verse renku format is represented by 60 poems, wherein Carley collaborates with such well-known haikai poets as Hortensia Anderson, Lorin Ford, Carole MacRury, Sandra Simpson, William Sorlien and Sheila Windsor, together with an introduction to the form. “I […]

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  • 2012 Renku Contest

    2012 Renku Contest

    Prior to our call for content for Journal of Renga & Renku, Issue 3, we are delighted to announce this year’s renku contest which will be judged by Dr Chris Drake, long-time professor of Japanese literature at Atomi University in Japan. Details below: Entry fee: None Deadline: 1 October 2012 Prizes 1. The winning poem […]

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  • The Plenitude of Emptiness by Hortensia Anderson

    The Plenitude of Emptiness by Hortensia Anderson

    The first (and very well-received) title from Darlington Richards, available through Lulu.com

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  • Announcing the ‘Journal of Renga & Renku’

    Announcing the ‘Journal of Renga & Renku’

    Following on the success of The Renku Group and the resultant growth of interest in this centuries-old poetic genre, we are pleased to announce our intention to publish a Journal of Renga & Renku.

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