The Plenitude of Emptiness

Darlington Richards are proud to announce the launch of their first title, containing 115 haibun from this master of the poetic form which combines distilled, essentialised prose with haiku:

The Plenitude of Emptiness
hortensia anderson : collected haibun
with an introduction by Jim Kacian

“If haibun didn’t exist, it’s possible that Hortensia Anderson would have had to invent it” —Jim Kacian

“[Hortensia’s] haibun are executed in brief, delicate brushstrokes that skilfully weave the ethereal and wistful through the harsh realities of life” —Maria Steyn

This title is available for purchase here from

Selected reviews:

“I have my copy already dog-eared and it is brand new! The haibun are potent and profoundly moving. This is a must-read. Get this book!” —Denis M. Garrison, poet, writer, editor, publisher: The MET Press

“I have tried to read Hortensia’s haibun with a critical discerning eye but I cannot. Again and always, the flow of her words and the intense images they allow me to create pull me under and away into a riptide of emotions.” —Jane Reichhold, poet, writer, editor, publisher: AHA Books

“The term ‘essential reading’ is horribly overused, but this book really is essential reading for anyone interested in writing the best, direct, real haibun being written today.” —Alan Summers, renga poet-in-residence for the City of Hull